Corporate Restorations

Failing to file annual reports is the most common reason for a dissolution

It is not the end of the matter once you complete the Incorporation.  Now you have to maintain the company.  There are 2 ways a company can be dissolved – voluntarily by filing a dissolution request or, more often, for failing to file annual reports for 2 years.

 Restoration of a dissolved company
  • Limited Restoration, up to a period of two years. At the end of the limited restoration period, the company is automatically dissolved; and
  • Full Restoration, the company is fully restored, and continues carrying on business as though it was never dissolved.

If a dissolved company still has assets, you must apply for restoration by the court where an asset has escheated to the Crown by virtue of the dissolution legislation.   

If you require assistance with restoration, contact Granville Law Group.  We can quickly prepare the necessary documentation and make filings with the Registrar. 

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