Corporate restructuring – simplification, expansion, division and planning for the future

Effective business strategy is essential.  As is restructuring the company to best accommodate that strategy. It enables you to assess the risks involved, minimize liabilities, and optimize tax advantages.

Granville Law Group offers practical legal advice on the inter-relationship between corporate and tax law.  Our lawyers will work with you to develop a reorganization plan that accommodates your needs. We will outline a roadmap for how you can pursue your goals in situations including:

  • Simplifying capital structure
  • Corporate divisions
  • Corporate expansion
  • Preparing for the sale of business
  • Tax optimization
  • Succession and estate planning
Aligning personal and business goals

We appreciate how much time and effort you have invested in your business.  We offer the same dedication to developing legal strategies that help you achieve your goals for the future.

We will identify how to implement your goals, how it may affect your other personal or corporate interests and what can be done to increase efficiency of the overall structure.  It may involve use of trusts, various property ownership types, developing corporate business structure to accommodate your current personal and business goals and your wishes for the future.

Let our legal team assess your business goals and needs

We will advise you on how to reorganize your business in a way that protects your corporate and personal interests. Call Granville Law Group at 604-669-6580 or arrange a free, 30-minute consultation or use our contact form to discuss your matter with us.