CRA Disputes 

Resolving a dispute with CRA can be complicated for anyone unfamiliar with tax laws, regulations and policies.  Whether you are facing a tax bill from a CRA reassessment due to an alleged discrepancy on your tax return or allegations of providing false information, our legal team is dedicated to supporting your personal or corporate tax position during any disputes with the CRA. 

Our first goal is to enable you to fully understand the situation and to make an informed decision on how to proceed forward; for that we will:

  • Review and explain to you the CRA’s position in your matter;
  • Explain how the law applies in your specific situation and what consequences it results in;
  • Provide you with options for resolutions; and
  • Advise on the risks each option may entail.

Once you have made an informed decision, we will assist you with its implementation, including:

  • Corresponding with the CRA;
  • Engaging other professionals, such as accountants in Canada or the U.S., if needed;
  • Working with your bankers, accountants and bookkeepers, your financial advisors and in-house counsel to assist you with gathering the data necessary to support your tax positions; and
  • Finally, advise you on the best way to present this information to the CRA for the best possible results.
Get your tax situation reviewed by Granville Law Group

Whether you are facing a personal or corporate audit or CRA is requesting additional information during an on-going audit or you need assistance collecting the necessary data to prove your tax position, contact Granville Law Group.

We will identify the best ways to protect your interests.  Call us at 604-669-6580 or arrange a free, 30-minute consultation using  contact form