Representation Agreement and Advance Medical Directive (living will) for Health

You still can ensure your life choices are respected, even if you cannot do it yourself and have to rely on others to fulfill them.  A Representation Agreement and a Living Will are part of Estate Planning.  By putting them in place you will let your loved ones know what you wanted even if you no longer able to tell them yourself.

A representation agreement will ensure you are cared for by a person of your choice and in a way you want

A representation agreement provides a mechanism for adults to arrange in advance how, when and by whom decisions will be made if they become incapable of making such decisions independently about their:

  • Health care,
  • Personal care,
  • Some financial, and/or
  • Other personal matters.

Execution of such an agreement avoids the need for the court to appoint a committee, who might not be someone you would have chosen and who may not deal with the matters the way you would have wanted. The Representation Agreement Act protects against the possibilities of abuse.  It imposes a high standard of conduct on your representative and provides a mechanism to monitor them.

An advanced medical directive (Living Will) will inform your family about your desire to be taken off life support and request them to do so, if there is no reasonable chance of your recovery.

Ensure your wishes are known and honored

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