Shareholders’ Disputes

While it may be an advantage to have partners in business to shoulder the burden of operations – at Granville Law Group we have seen time and time again – too many voting shareholders, especially without a Shareholder’s Agreement, is likely to be bad for business and corporate administration.

Even an excellent Shareholders’ Agreement may not save the day completely, but it will make a conflict resolution easier by providing mechanisms for it, including step-by-step procedures for the departure of unhappy shareholders, determination of and resolving disputes about share prices for a buyout. 

Nonetheless, you will do well if you respect your fellow shareholders and solve problems before they become litigious or sever relationships before they take you to court.  

Granville Law Group lawyers will assist with negotiations with unhappy shareholders and structure and implement settlement that will leave all the parties if not entirely happy then at least content. 

In severe cases when the matter still proceeds to court, we can assist with that as well.

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