Granville Law Group: Expert Tax Legal Services

Navigating Canada’s diverse tax landscape, which encompasses income, sales, property, and other taxes, can be complex.

The Granville Law Group specializes in tailoring tax strategies for both businesses and individuals. Our expertise ensures tax efficiency and compliance, and extends to:

  • Residency determinations;
  • Deferral of departure tax upon leaving or returning to Canada;
  • Resolving disputes with CRA; and
  • Devising and implementing tax planning for individuals and corporations.

Whether you’re relocating, structuring a business, or planning for the future, their seasoned team is equipped to optimize your tax obligations.

Granville Law Group can assist with determination and optimization of your tax liabilities.

Save on tax, contact our firm for a free, 30-minute consultation. Call our legal team at 604-669-6580.