Most business lawsuits involve breach of a contract, written or oral.  Business lawsuits are usually claims for damages resulting from the breach that, if successful, result in a monetary judgment against the defendant.  

Once the court gives its judgment, then it becomes a collection problem that we can also help you solve.  Granville Law Group lawyers prosecuted and defended business lawsuits and collected money owing to businesses for many years.

There is also a tax component to the awards of damages – your settlement must state whether the amount awarded includes or excludes GST.  If it does not, GST must be collected from the payer separately.

Some examples of business lawsuits in which we have represented clients include:

  • company Shareholder Disputes;
  • shareholder buy-outs;
  • disputes among owners of Real Estate;
  • claims for damages or specific performance in the course of Buying and Selling Real Estate or Business Purchases and Sales;
  • breach of commercial contracts and agreements;
  • breach of building contracts;
  • non-payment by business customers of their invoices and accounts.

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